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We have the latest in advanced technology, High Tec machinery and safety equipment.

We are equipped with a full line of High Tec equipment for Mould and Asbestos Remediation Abatement.
We have certified technicians in Mould Abatement, jobsite setup and procedures.
We carry a specialized line of environmentally friendly certified products to eliminate mould, decontaminate contaminated jobsites 
We follow all environmental and Workplace Health and Safety guidelines.
We can supply onsite storage facilities if needed.
Safe removal, cleaning and storage of contaminated contents at our warehouse facilities.

Mould ; caused by flooding, excess humidity, sewer back, foundation cracks etc. We determine the cause, the mould abatement  procedures to remove it safely and the preventative measures to prevent it from happening again.   

                           On Site Storage Facilities


High humidity and condensation caused by floating slab floors, poor construction and poor ventilation created sever mould problems in many homes on the First Nation Reserve. Nails missed the studding during initial construction, causing hole in the plywood allowing frost to enter behind the poly barrier creating moisture and Stachybotrys mould. (below) In February of 2000 we met with the First Nation Chief, the Grand Chief, Counselors, Indian affairs representatives, First Nation local doctors and nurses. The discussion centered around sever mould problems and it's implication  on health and our extensive evaluation and preventative measures report.     


Mould found behind this drywall         Air born spores floating throughout this home 


                                      Poor construction throughout


Clients transferred from New Brunswick to Winnipeg and  purchased this home through a Real Estate company. On the day they started to move in, they found that there was a very bad odor and noticed back stuff on the baseboards and walls. When they removed the carpet and underlay they found more black patches. They put a call in to Total, our evaluation was as follows; the previous owners had tried to camouflage the mould throughout the home, below the photos show the bottom and middle walls have been camouflaged with gray paint to hid the mould and the hardwood floors throughout were covered with new carpet. In the basement area there was mould growth on all the baseboards which would have been bidden by furniture,  behind in insulation and vapor barrier in the spare rooms, closets and the laundry room. The Real Estate Agent who sold them the home had no experience in detecting mould or new what to look for. Our Evaluation report helped them with the proof they needed. (below)


Third level of a historical office building; leaking roof caused excess humidity a perfect environment for mould to grow on the ceiling and walls were one of the leaks originated. (below)



 We take action immediately; sealing off the contaminated perimeters, removing the excess water and set up drying units to eliminate excess moisture before further damage is caused.  

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