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                              Historical Office Building


Main, second and third level of historical building. Asbestos tiles and piping (below)



Basement area of historical building; Asbestos pipes throughout 


Many older residential home like this one have an Asbestos boiler and Asbestos pipes in the basement which were no considered dangerous back when the homes were first built because there was no knowledge of how dangerous Asbestos could be at that time. (Below) 


                   Lake Manitoba First Nation  School 



This School was evaluated and we found that the tiles on the floor and the ceiling tiles both contained Asbestos. There was also mould found on the drywall in many of the class rooms and storage areas and contaminated carpets. All were removed and sealed in double plastic Asbestos bags and disposed of at a licensed landfill site. (Above)


This lovely old historical apartment building in the downtown area had the original boiler and piping. Both were covered with an Aspestos covering. The owner became concerned when the covering on the boiler and pipes started to deteriate. Total was called in to evaluate the situation, Air quality testing was preformed before, The Aspestos covering on boiler and pipes were removed safely and disposed of at a licensed landfill site. The body of the boiler and the pipes were dismantled and removed, A final cleanup was done once the room was empty, then the final air quality test was preformed and passed 100%.

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